The visit of the Major Sylwester Bełtowicz from Military Police

First official event organized within Scientific Society of National Security Jagiellonian. Theme was devoted to special eligibility gained by Military Police during Euro 2012 as well as important aspects of using uniformed services while organizing such events.



Scientific Conference "II RP State Police. People – Structure – Functioning – Action

Conference members representing KNBN UJ made speeches and were responsible for logistic security. This was our first opportunity to gain experience in both aspects.



The visit was  paid to the Admiral William McRaven

Owning to cooperation between Jagiellonian University and Special Forces Command, group of KNBNs members visited the PISMs (The Polish Institute of International Affairs) headquarter in Warsaw, where the meeting with the Admiral took place. Admiral was the commander of United States Special Operations Command. After the lecture, Admiral answered  questions from audience and received a gift from UJ members.



Meeting with Mr. Tomasz Berendt

Tomasz Berendt was a employee of Special Forces Command. Event refers to the process of the election in Afghanistan in 2010, this is due to  our guest was a member of the international team involved in the preparation of the election.



The visit of blessed memory Konstanty Miodowicz

Event was devoted to the Secret Services position in Poland security system.




Meeting with PFC Dominik Zasadni from 6BPD

During the meeting, members of KNBN UJ had the opportunity to listen a speech about characteristic of airborne troops landing, as well as the place and role of 6 BPD in the system of the Polish Armed Forces.



Visiting the Provincial Headquarter in Krakow

During the event members of KNBN UJ had the opportunity to familiarize themselves whit possible career paths in the Polish Armed Forces, and get to know the basic requirements and procedures related to recruitment.



Visiting the Home Army (AK) Museum in Krakow

Our visit was an expression of interest and respect which members of KNBN UJ surround the history of Poland and tradition of Home Army is an important element. Also that was a fine opportunity for analysis operations carried out by AK in the context of similarities to modern military operations.



Special Forces Commander Brig Gen Piotr Patalong

This visit was the last step in the launch of cooperation between Special Forces and Jagiellonian University. Gen elucidate the specificity of Special Forces and a different formula for their functioning and activities. Describing only the structure in which they operate, he drew attention to the need for comprehensive training of soldiers who joined SF. After lecture Gen answered lot of questions from audience.



Meeting with Michał Prokopowicz

Mr. Propokowicz, as a member of the "Strzelec" told about the role of such organizations in the defense system of Poland.



The debate "10th anniversary of Iraqi Freedom Operation. Rating Polish involvement in Iraq"

Exactly a decade after the start of an international operation against the regime Saddam Hussein KNBN UJ organized a debate. In the building of the Regional Public Library experts from various institutes of Jagiellonian University began to review and exchange conclusion  from different areas of the national forces. Our guests paid attention to lot of issues related to such a long time of mission, for example: legal issues, public opinion, changes of fighting methods.



Europoltech 2013 Warsaw

Through the good offices of the organizers a large group of KNBN UJ members were able to take part in the International Fair of Technology and Equipment for the Police and National Security Services 2013. We received VIP passes so our representative had access to all of exhibitions for 3 days, which were consisting of both the technological innovations as well as seminars of techniques and methods of operations of the uniformed services. This was an extraordinary opportunity, not only to see the most modern weapons and equipment, but also to talk with representatives of each service operating in Poland.



Visit in the Commando Military Unit Headquarter Lubliniec (JWK)

Through the good office of the Commander of JWK – Col Wiesław Kukuła, as well as the Krakow Special Forces Command, a large group of Jagiellonian University students had an opportunity to visit Military Commando Unit. Our visitation was divided into two parts. First – theoretical, contained presentation of history, tasks and opportunities JWK and interview with rangers.  During the second part, practical, we had an opportunity to use same equipment as real operators. This, among others, included climbing, shooting, shooting lane zip line, first aid.



The debate "Use of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV)"

Growing popularity of so-called drones forced us to organize a scientific debate on the use and work of UAV in armed forces and uniformed services in the world. Once again, experts from various scientific communities, within the Jagiellonian University, in cooperation with practitioners in that field from Special Forces Command, undertook a comprehensive description and evaluation of drones. Starting with smallest version, observer, ending on armed aircraft our speaker approached specificity of this type of equipment.



Conference: "AF-PAK – Terrorist Hideout"

The meeting devoted to the Afghanistan-Pakistan border, which for years is the biggest supporter area and place of operating terrorist groups in the world, especially fractions of Al-Qaeda. Jagiellonian University's lecturers and representatives of Special Forces focused both, on the causes of this state of affairs and on potential capabilities of its solution. Once again, combination of scientific and practical knowledge create a full picture of this situation and show problem from different perspectives.



Krakow/Warsaw – The LDEP Courses – Naval Postgraduate School

Members of KNBN UJ twice had an opportunity to attend courses of Leader Development and Education for Sustained Peace, led by the top Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California. The first course, held in June 2013 at the Jagiellonian University, was mainly related to Afghanistan and international terrorist issues. Second, organized at the National Defence Academy in Warsaw, focused on the region of North Africa and the Middle East, mostly on threats flowing from them these days. Speakers from overseas in unique way, by combination of theory and practice, prepare audience to take action in these areas and in relation to them.



International Defence Industry Exhibition in Kielce

Representatives of KNBN UJ briefly resigned from rest of summer holidays to attend some of the largest arms fair in Europe. For a few days of the fair on the vast arena there were exposed the latest achievements of both Polish and foreign defence industries from all fields. We were able to enjoy latest tanks, armored personnel carriers and drones, missiles and radar system. Collaterally to fair, as every year, were conferences about state's defence and technological development.



Nationwide civil-military scientific conference "Around the Hindu Kush. Evaluation of intervention in Afghanistan".

Experts from military and scientific institutions from all over Poland attempted to summarize the causes, course and consequences of the biggest conflict of our time. The first day concentrate on characteristic of Afghanistan, its diversity and distinctness, while the second was devoted to international intervention. Particular attention was paid to the current state of Afghanistan, a moment before withdrawal of international forces and of the effect and effort of intervention caused in Afghanistan state and society.



The meeting with Col Sławomir Berdychowski

Meeting with the commander of the Military Unit AGAT had place thanks to the cooperation of the Jagiellonian University and Special Forces Command. During two-hour meeting, Colonel Berdychowski presented AGAT's tasks and structure (unit characterized by, among others, support for special operations). Colonel also described AGAT's role and place in the current structure of troops, including special forces. He presented history, traditions as well as steps and requirements of training process. Audience had opportunity to watch short films, including mountain hardships selection of candidates for the operators or the exercise of Section held on the reservoir Goczałkowicki.



The meeting with Mr. Khalid Aziz

Mr. Aziz, a representative of the Pakistan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, presented lecture for KNBN UJ members entitled: "Socio-historic basic of conflict in Fata and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa"



"Black holes on the world map"

The purpose of this event, which was attended by dr hab. Robert Kłosowicz, prof. UJ, dr Edyta Chwiej, Mr. Andrzej Wojtas was to discuss the role of places in the Word that become center of terrorism or international organize crime.



Visitation in the Prison in Nowy Sącz

On 22 November the section of the Internal Security and Uniformed Services KNBN UJ organized for group of our student trip to Prison in Nowy Sącz. Our visit started by presentation of Prison history and determined the pattern of functioning this kind of institution. Our students acquainted with the internal structure of the Prison Service and praxis of Department. Another highlight was the presentation of the Department's area. We had opportunity to see a prison cell form inside, visit the exercise yard, visiting rooms, a chapel and gym. Last point of our visitation was presentation of the equipment, hold by Group Intervention Prison Service, which fallowed brief demonstration of physical skills of officers.



The meeting with Mr. Yasir Rahman

Mr. Rahman, a Pakistan journalist, present lecture entitled: "Extremism in Pakistan" which discussed present and potential conflicts in Pakistan, related to the widely understood extremism.



The meeting with Afghan journalist

During meeting with group of Afghan journalist, staying in Poland on a study visit, we discussed the most relevant culture issues for the community in Afghanistan. Particular emphasis was placed on the impact of Western culture on the transformations taking place in Afghanistan.




The meeting "Cooperation of uniformed services in security of mass events"

Taking into account the experiences gained from the UEFA European Championship EURO2012 and forthcoming the World Cup in Brazil, we organized the meeting with representatives of the uniformed services. Experts from Police and Fire Brigade spoke about big event's security  system, whether sports, through cultural to gathering. An additional issue which was brought closer was a collaboration between institutions, in order to maximize the effectiveness of operations.



The meeting with Prof. Paul Jackson

One of the most significant global security experts – Professor Paul Jackson, during his visit in Krakow honored us with his presence. The meeting based on short presentation of Professor's life experience and conversation with members of KNBN UJ and students from INPiSM. Professor, as he said, became a specialist in state failure after his long work in Sierra Leone during the chaos reigning there, Nepal, Rwanda, Uganda, China, Central and Eastern Europe and Russia. Consequently, Professor was able to comprehensively respond to a wide range of thematic questions posed to him by meeting participants.



International civil-military scientific conference: "15 years of Polish membership in NATO. Experiences and future challenges"

In cooperation with military academies and universities from all over Europe and especial participation from Polish Special Forces and Commando Military Unit exhibition, we managed to sum up the membership of Poland in the Alliance. Two-day conference gathered many of representatives from military and civil societies who had evaluated our contribution to NATO's defense capabilities and also NATO's impact on Poland security.



Trip to the Police School in Katowice

During this trip members of KNBN UJ had an opportunity to learn more about procedures related to recruitment to the Police, training process and possible path of career.



The meeting: "Private Military Companies"

During meeting our guests broach relevant issues connected to changes of modern armed conflicts, in which important role is played by Private Military Companies (PMC). This issue was considered on lot of levels: law, ethical, economical.


The meeting with Capt. Kamil Mosiński from the 2nd Regiment of Engineers

Cpt. Mosiński in his lecture delivered, to members of KNBN UJ, closer specific of the service in the engineers troops. He also told about topic related to materials used to manufacture improvised explosive devices (IED) in Afghanistan and modern methods for neutralizing them, for example: sapper's robots.



The conference: "Terrorism in Europe"

During conference experts from various research centers across Poland comprehensively described the phenomenon of terrorism, especially European terrorism. Noting causes and current states, where this phenomenon is present, our guest tried to respond on questions about possible threats and forms of counteracting in Poland. Delivered papers were the base for a long discussion on European preventing and combating system, as well as participation of European states in international missions in Africa and the Middle East.



The guest lecture: "Role of Arctic in the contemporary security policy"

In the first part of his visit, our guest from Jan Kochanowski University in Kielce (UJK) dr Witold Sokała gave a lecture: "Role of Arctic in the contemporary security policy". In two hours, audience had an opportunity to familiarize with all major issues concerning this region. Starting from historical conditions, through determinants of geography and on current situation and interests of each state finishing.



The debate: "Russian (not)security policy, how much you can earn bluffing?"

Our guests, dr Sokała (UJK), INPiSM and Special Forces Component Command representatives reflected on current actions of the Russian Federation in the international arena. Our debate enriched professors from Ukraine, invited by dra Piotra Bajora. Thanks to the wide range of our guest knowledge and interest of participants we raised issues like: economic, military and social elements of Russian policy.



"NATO crisis assessment and management" – conference, training, seminar

On 15-17 October 2014, one of our finest event took place, which was divided on conference, training, seminar. It was organized by the Center for Special Operations – Special Forces Component Command (COS-DKWS), Institute of Political Sciences and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University and Scientific Society of National Security. All lectures and discussions were conducted in English and gathered representatives of military institutions and academic society from Poland, USA and several other states. Meeting was also attended by Erasmus students from European countries and a group of grantees (US soldiers) from Olmsted program studying at European universities. On the first day, within walls of Auditorium Maximum, audience listened six training lectures, entirely given by officers COS-DKWS, on the procedures for NATO in crisis management and planning course of international military intervention which is based on Planning Comprehensive Operations Directive (Comprehensive Operations Planning Directive). On the second day were courses, where students and cadets were challenged to plan an international military operation in the fictitious country (Nadus), destabilized by armed conflict, whose roots can be traced in politically motivated, religiously, ethnically and economically problems. The third day was devoted to an experts seminar.



The meeting with Prof. Balkac Iratni, Algier University

Lecture was dedicated to effects of the so-called "Arab Spring" and current condition of security in North Africa. Professor Iratni drew attention to constant presence of terrorist groups and radical Islamists in the region and explaining it through the prism of history, religion and political condition. By pointing main threats to stability of North Africa he also linked it with potential repercussions for Europe and world. After lecture there was a round of questions concerning, for example, how to solve a problem with radicalization and North African states involvement on center of Africa.



The meeting with representatives of the Anti-Crisis Response Group – GRAK

Meeting begat at 14:00 in the Small Hall of the Auditorium Maximum of the Jagiellonian University. As first speaker was Mr. Boris Czyhin, who delivered paper entitled: "Geopolitical analysis of the situation in the region". In his speech, Mr. Czyhin characterized actions of the Russian Federation, among others, on the eastern flank of the NATO. Next speaker was Major Jacek Kowalik, a former commander JW GROM, co-founder of GROM COMBAT system. Major Kowalik speech entitled: "Place of special operations in modern army conflict" regarded, among others,  to possible situations, when  Special Forces could be used, including the framework of Polish defense operations. Special guest: Mr. A. Wojtas, editior-in-chief of the Military Monthly Special "Komandos" and Mr. Piotr Orłowski from Special Operations Center.



The meeting with the former operator of Navy SEALs

We had pleasure to host Michael Stull, a former operator the famous Navy Seals unit, currently working in the headquarters of NATO Special Operations. He brought an audience nature of work in both places, also answered many questions, both on theoretical and practical issues.



The international conference: "New Security Challenges and their Influence on Leaders' Development and Education"

On 17-18 December 2014, the Institute of Political Science and International Relations in the Jagiellonian University in cooperation with the Centre for Special Operations – Special Forces Component Command (COS-DKWS) and with our help organized an international scientific conference. Conference was held in the Collegium Maius. Leading themes of conference were contemporary threats in the world, posing a challenge or NATO and states, as well as issues related to the education of students and training of special forces non-commissioned officers (NCO)




"Skimming and phishing – real cases analysis and ways to protect"

Meeting was organized by the Cybersecurity and New Technologies Section. The newly created section paid attention to progressive digitalization of society and growing dependence on technology and related to risk associated with it and ways of using software vulnerabilities to criminal activity. First meeting linked theory and practice, by presence participants from scientific society and the Police Headquarter in Krakow.



The meeting with career – AIESEC

Second event organized by Cybersecurity Section showed paths of career after graduation National Security, emphasizes on diploma, additional courses, training and qualifications which may be helpful in future work.



The scientific conference: "Soldiers combat and post-traumatic stress in historical and contemporary approach"

 Another big conference organized by KNBN UJ. Concerned on problem about which knowledge is increasingly disseminated and it becomes more and more present in the consciousness of society – post traumatic stress disorder among soldiers returning from mission to home. Through the presence of the historians, theorists, military and practitioners from the Military Medical Institute in Warsaw, was able to show the evolution of this phenomenon, its complexity and the potential development of research on it.



The meeting with Mr. Andrzej Wojtas, editor-in-chief of the MMS Comando

The meeting over tea, with a loose character, was organized to show, members of KNBN UJ, specifics of work with the military community, defense industry and special services. History of the magazine, along with its recent resumption, was an example of research inaccessible places and resources to get an information that is potentially important for functioning of the state security system.



American Culture Days at Jagiellonian University – cooperation with KNBN UJ

This year, our society took an active part in the annual event organized by allied Scientific Society of Americanists   American Culture Days. This year's edition, under the aegis of armed conflicts, engaged our members to get involved in the organization of conferences, meetings and movie projections.



The conference: "Critical Infrastructure Protection"

The April conference concerned various aspects of Critical Infrastructure (CI), its protection and protective systems. Scientists and practitioners from academia, enterprises recognized as CI and the government sector drew the legal and practical issues affecting CI security system in Poland.



The international seminar: "Counterinsurgency (COIN) issues in contemporary armed conflicts"

Meeting organized in cooperation with the Special Forces, gathered practitioners and theoreticians from Poland, the United States and European countries who discussed about issues of asymmetric operations carried out by rebel groups in the realities of contemporary military conflicts.



The meeting: "Strategy games and conflict simulations"

This meeting was devoted to familiarize the characteristics of selected strategy games and simulations used to predict the course of potential conflicts or to personal training in military or ministries.



The conference: "25th anniversary of JW GROM"

Conference, during which participants had pleasure to listen lectures of present commander of the GROM, Head of Training Unit, former spokesman of the Ministry of Defense, Special Forces veterans and experts was an opportunity to take stock of the functioning of the most well-know Polish Special Forces from perspective of a quarter-century. Through the evolution of GROM was showed evolution of state security system as well as realities with which it came to wrestle institutions from security sector.



Parachute training

During practical training weekend organized by the Military and Armed Conflict Section students were preparing to give self parachute jump. At the end of course, participants got official certificate and badge, declaring their abilities.



The meeting with officers of the Customs Service

Small conference aimed to show the nature of this institution, with specificity if work in it, as well as challenges waiting to employees in connection with considerable inventiveness and dedication of traffickers and criminal groups.



EY Cybersecurity Academy

Representatives of cyber security division of one of the world's largest corporations approached assembled guests specification of their work, indicating the potential risks associated with the advanced character of the IT industry.